Superb Home Entertainment

Home Cinema

Whether you use your media room every day or only on rainy day, we provide you with cinema quality within your budget. Our products and brands have direct correlation with movie houses like IMAX, and we will leave your system fully-calibrated and delivering its best performance possible. You’ll always have the best seat in the house…but you’ll have to make your own popcorn.

Whole House Audio

Now you can have music in any room of the house, and even outside too. Not only will it sound amazing, but our speakers are completely invisible, blending into the walls and ceiling without sacrificing audio performance. We also are surround-sound experts. Hearing is believing...stop in the showroom on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City for a demo. Along with unbelievable quality sound, comes flexibility and control throughout your house—streaming that song to every room or just one.

Home Automation

An "automated home," "smart home," or "connected home,” is a home with everyday products controlled by one single app.  With a couple clicks and swipes on your smart phone you can turn on your lights, close your shades, and put on some music. You can control your thermostat, door locks, and garage door. Your home can even tell you when there's a water leak or frozen pipes, and make you aware of activity in your home. For second homeowners this technology gives you piece of mind knowing that your “smart” house can alert you and the proper authorities when problems arise.

Integrated Solutions For Your Home


What can your lighting switch tell you from a glance? Can it tell you the front door is unlocked or the garage door is open?  The ones we install can. Good lighting design affects a room's ambiance and mood. Trying to obtain a sophisticated look with multiple light switches "ganged" together is difficult to achieve and creates an eyesore. Eliminate "wall acne" with the simple elegance of a Lighting Control keypad that is able to control an entire room, particular area, or the entire house. One four-button lighting keypad in your master bedroom can turning on/off lighting in all of your rooms, dim the lights with a preset scene for a romantic mood, light a pathway to your kitchen, and turn off all of the lights in your house without you ever having to move from your bed.


The integration of your home network must be fast and reliable; particularly for the second home owner who depends on technology to alert them to problems. Our unified system of security cameras, motion, fire and smoke detectors, lighting, water, and temperature monitors will communicate with each other seamlessly giving you piece of mind when you’re hundreds of miles away.


We install some of the best camera systems on the market, and work with the finest security companies to help your home and you stay safe. Security is a key component to home automation, and our integrated systems not only alerts you to trouble, but also the authorities.

Thoughtful Process, Fantastic Results

Our Focus

Our focus is continuing the legacy of unparalleled customer experience the John & Bill Gleeson Sr. started in 1960. Our solutions and advice come from years of wisdom and experience as industry leaders.  When Gleeson’s is your technology partner you can rest assured you will have your home entertainment and security system available when you need it.  Whether you’re life-long resident, business owner or second home owner, when it comes to integrated automation Gleeson's Has You Connected.

Our Process

Discovery Process- we will work with you to identify your needs discuss possibilities and wants.  Help determine a budget to assess what products will benefit the project and enhance your daily activities and quality of life. 

Design- We will work with your contractor, designer, architect, and our established manufacture partners to design a system that meets and exceeds your desired goal.  We strive to provide the best performing and easy-to- use systems within your budget. 

Implement- Depending the project, typically new construction starts with a pre-wire.  This is the opportunity to wire for today’s products, as well as looking ahead and planning for new technologies and products in the future.  Many new projects that we wire today have fiber which gives flexibility to grow your system.

Overview- This is our favorite part of nearly every project.  We leave each client with a complete understanding of the system and how to operate it. We will answer your questions and make sure you are comfortable with the operation of your smart technology. Plus, if something comes up, we’ll be there to make it right.

Our Results

In more than 55 years of service we have thousands of happy customers. We are proud to be industry leaders and our relationships with manufacture partners such as Sony, Bose, JBL, Control4 and more.  Call us about your upcoming project.