It’s Summer Movie Season: Prepare Your Home Theater!

by Ronald Elias

It’s summer movie season, and that means it’s time to recline those seats, pop some popcorn, and figure out who gets to choose the first film for summer movie nights! 

The best part of having a home theater is that you don’t have to leave your house for amazing picture and sound. With your home theater at the ready, you and your family can make your own summer movie nights – all from the comfort of your couch or other home theater seating. 

Before you settle in for summer blockbuster after summer blockbuster, you need to make sure your favorite room in the house is ready to go! Our experts at Gleeson's Home Entertainment and Automation want to ensure your whole family has seamless summer entertainment experiences, so keep reading to find out where to focus your efforts to get the most movie magic possible. 

Upgrade Your TV

How big is your TV? And what resolution is it? 

If the answer to the first question isn’t “as big as my house can hold” and the second isn’t at least “4K,” then we just might have to intervene — for the sake of your movie nights, of course. 

To get the most out of your high-resolution content, you need a big screen. There are mammoth sets available for consumers now, so you have almost no excuse not to bring the newest and biggest TV home. And if the allure of 8K hasn’t sold you, you can always “settle” for a massive 4K TV. 

If you prefer a projector to a TV, we recommend giving us a call at 609-399- 4910 so we can talk you through placement for the projector and screen, and which type of projector is right for your specific room.

Upgrade Your Sound System

While picture perfectionists may argue the point, image quality really is only half of the cinema experience. The other half is audio: The score, the sound effects, and the other notes and nods to reality that you hear while your eyes follow the action on screen. 

If seeing speakers or sound system components takes you out of the moment or makes it hard for you to feel immersed in what you’re watching, consider in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These configurations give you powerful yet discreet options and still make an impact as resounding as your immense visual experience. 

Upgrade Your Control System 

Long gone are the days when your home was split into a bunch of different tech systems that can’t communicate or work with one another. 

By bringing your home theater under your existing smart home controller or system, you can get features like IP video, video tiling, IP video input, and more. With easy control and options to see your content no matter where you are in your home, it doesn’t take long to see why families are embracing the quality-of-life features such a change can give them. 

Upgrading any part of your home can be a challenge, and we would never just suggest these awesome ideas to you without offering our guidance! We want to help you see these ideas become a reality in your own home theater before you’ve retreated to your climate-controlled summer-movie oasis, so contact us, give us a call at 609-399- 4910 today! We’re happy to talk about all of these options for upgrading your home theater and how we can help you enjoy movies at home all summer long.