Gleeson's Audio Video hung and installed four TVs in our home. They did an amazing job; were very professional and very clean. They not only installed but the technicians programmed all of the TVs and instructed us how to use them. I would recommend them for this work.

-Terrie Smith

Gleeson’s Audio Video provides our family with top-notch technology, expert installation/followup, and courteous, knowledgeable and professional customer service. Our Gleeson’s installed/serviced home automation and entertainment systems are user friendly, dependable, and expertly updated and maintained. Gleeson’s provides us with excellent value for our money.

Don, Brian, Mike, and Patricia are all extremely pleasant with which to deal. Our experience with Gleeson’s Audio Video has been frustration free, and it always results our complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend Gleeson’s to anyone looking for a quality audio/video/home automation integrator.

-Jerry Buday

I'm in Avalon, which isn't always the easiest place to get service, but these guys are the best Audio/Video place I've ever dealt with. Outstanding responsiveness and service. They know how much it means for your TVs and Music devices to be working at the shore, and if/when you have a problem, they're right there.

-John Roberts

I recently requested Gleeson's Home Entertainment and Automation to install a surround sound television and speakers in my finished basement. The men that installed my system were intelligent, courteous, clean, and professional. They helped me to select quality audio components and customized the installation to fit in my chosen space. I highly recommend their personalized service, attention to detail, and follow up after installation. Gleeson's was the right choice for my home audiovisual system and you should make them your first choice. You will not be disappointed.

—James C. Sipio, M.D.

We have been Gleeson customers for over five years. The service is exceptional - fast, courteous and focused on the problem. The team is friendly and the owner, Don, is available and personally involved when needed. Whenever we have a video or audio need, Gleeson is our first (and usually only) call.

—Best wishes, Rich

My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gleeson's for the awesome job they did on our new house construction project. Working with them was an easy decision since this was the second house thy did for us. Gleeson's followed our thoughts and understood all our ideas perfectly. Working with John and his team was an absolute pleasure.


Can’t say enough good things about our experience with Gleeson’s Home Entertainment. The attention to detail and professional were extraordinary!

—Rich G.

I am pleased to recommend Gleason's to everyone needing home audiovisual and tech sales and installation.

They worked within my budget to buy a system that is a dream. Studio quality tower speakers, simple amp/pre-amp/streaming hardware, and a beautiful monitor. Everything is of the highest quality at good prices. You get what you pay for. Marantz, Heos, GoldenEar Towers. It is the highest quality without ludicrous prices.

Just as importantly, the staff at Gleason's is also top notch and cream of the crop. Sales, installation, phone calls, scheduling is all seamless and truly reflective of a family business run right. They care and it shows.

I will never go anywhere else.


I have had the opportunity to work with Gleeson Audio Video for several purchases and it has always been a pleasure. The Sales Staff (in particular John) have been knowledgeable and professional. The tech staff that installed my TV and Audio devices were pleasant and patient with a non-techie (me), they have even returned when I had a problem understanding one of my devices. And they are always available to speak with you on the phone. I am very happy I chose Gleeson Audio and Video


5 Stars: for quality, professionalism, service, knowledge and friendliness! We recently purchased a new home in OCNJ and used Gleeson's, again, for a complete A/V system for 6 rooms. From sales advice, to installation, and service, we received the right level of attention, advice and support at a competitive price. They were there in 2004 for our first home, and again for our last.


From the very beginning of my experience with Gleesons, it was apparent that the company, really the people, I was working with were as excited as I was to build an audio video system and install Control4 Home Automation as I was. What did we want to accomplish? What were my family’s system needs? These were the things we discussed, and then completed with an amazing level of personal service. Since then, whenever we required any service or even a simple follow up question, things were addressed quickly and completely. We are so pleased with Gleeson’s.


Gleason’s came to my rescue. I purchased a home in Ocean City where Gleeson’s had not installed the Smart Home or home entertainment system. I wished they had. They were recommended to come unravel all the problems. They did an outstanding job. Always had the correct solutions, always fair, always on time and could be completely trusted. Not easy to find these days. If you want it done right - Call Gleeson’s.

—Jim D.

John Ellsworth and his staff were Awesome! Completed my home AV project from top to bottom very precisely and the finished project exceeded my expectations. My experience was great and I would recommend these professions to my friends and family members without hesitation.


This is a company that is willing to go above and beyond for their customers. I recently volunteered to host a series of events, and found myself in a situation that required technical A/V knowledge that I did not have. In a panic, I stopped by Gleason’s. They had installed our home’s sound system and added Sonos years later. Don happened to be in the store, and took the time to educate me on the equipment that I had purchased, AND allowed me to borrow the pieces that I was missing. My event was a success, and I am eternally grateful! I will never go anywhere else for my audio/visual needs!! They are truly THE BEST!!!

—Linda M.

We are video and audiophiles, we've been buying from Gleeson's for decades. They are extremely knowledgeable, they carry top shelf products, and they offer reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

—Steve N.

The people that work for Gleeson’s are excellent worker’s and are really knowledgeable. I would recommend them anytime.

—Choco V.

I must say, although most of the individual numbers did not turn a hair....the package that was quoted with out electrician costs took my breath away. We waited for our sons visit from North Jersey yesterday in order to break it down & review. After doing so, he took control of the situation & felt that he could take us in another direction & save us some money. I hope that you can appreciate, at our age, with all new furnishings & accoutrements, it was an offer that we could not refuse.

It was really a pleasure meeting you. Particularly as senior citizens, we appreciated your professional but friendly & courteous/respectful approach to our entertainment needs. Don is lucky to have John as an employee.

—Sincerely, Mary-Lou Monihan

We are video and audiophiles, we've been buying from Gleeson's for decades. Don and Patti just upgraded our Home Theater and Stereo system, they also upgraded our restaurant wifi, security, and sound system. Every step of the way was professionally done. They are extremely knowledgeable, they carry top shelf products, and they offer reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

—Stephen N.